How Spiritual Knowledge is Obtained

There is no knowledge as valuable as spiritual knowledge. Sometimes it seems like there is no knowledge more rare. How is spiritual knowledge obtained? Jonathan Edwards suggests the following: 1.) The procuring cause is Jesus: It was purchased for them through the work of Jesus Christ. For me to have spiritual knowledge, Jesus had to die and I need to be united to Him. 2.) The immediate efficient cause is the Spirit: All spiritual saving light is given by the immediate teaching of the Holy Spirit. For me to have spiritual knowledge, the Spirit of God has to remove the … Continue reading How Spiritual Knowledge is Obtained

Knowing versus Knowing

It is possible to know a lot about God without really knowing much of anything at all. A person can be an unbeliever and have an extensive understanding of biblical doctrines, be orthodox in all his opinions, and yet not ever really have tasted or enjoyed or delighted in the gospel, the Savior, the glory of God. Jonathan Edwards once put it like this, “The knowledge of a thing is not in proportion to the extensiveness of our notions, or number of circumstances known, only; but it consists chiefly in the intensiveness of the idea. Thus it is not he … Continue reading Knowing versus Knowing