Little Update

Back from Durban.

I had the opportunity to speak at a church camp and then our family spent some time at the beach in Margate.  Amazing.  Closest we have ever stayed to the ocean. 

No money for vacation but God gives us a place like that to stay for free. 


We had a fantastic time as a family.

We received some really tough to take news about the move to Sunnyside in that house deal fell through.  That was on the top ten list of disappointments.  Not so much for our family in that we are staying in a wonderful place right now, but disappointing when it comes to future plans for ministry and the people we were hoping to help.  We already had plans for three individuals to move in with us, two of them orphans from the D.R.C.  Plus we were looking to use the home as a training center, etc. 

It’s funny in that we are trying to start this church and things are really coming together, except for us being able to stay where the people are which to me has always been a fundamental.  Most people are trying to get out of this area and move to the area where we are staying and we are trying to do the opposite and having the hardest time doing so. 

We are not exactly sure about the next step forward?  Looking for a flat maybe?  Except that now we have 13 people staying in our home and the point is to be able to help more? 

Please pray for us.

We are confident God is smarter than us because He made the universe and we know God is for us because He saved us, we are just not sure what God is up to because we really weren’t trying to do this for us but for Him.

He knows how to glorify Himself best though and that’s what we want most.  I told Him at the beginning He’ll have to administrate this whole deal and so I guess when He administrates in a way that is different than I might, I better just trust Him and rejoice!

One thought on “Little Update

  1. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been wondering what was going on with the move. No doubt, God will make it happen when the time is right. We can always trust Him to work things out…and not a minute too soon 😉 You’re always in my prayers

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