Summing It All Up

I have been helped by short summaries of the Scriptures and thought I might take some of what I have found and attempt my own. 

Before I share it, let me point you towards several that I have used and adapted in the following post.

D.A. Carson

Dane Ortlund

Trevin Wax

All right, now I’ll share what I jotted down this morning after having read through a number of theirs. 



There is a God who created this universe.  

And because He made it, He owns it. All of it. He rules over everything we see. As Creator, He is King and as King, He demands and deserves obedience.  

This reality is in fact, good news.  

Because the God who created the universe is a kind and gracious King.

We see this in the way He made the world. Though He Himself had no needs, He made a perfect world for His creatures to enjoy. There they would experience His presence, act as His representatives and delight in the work He had given them to do.  

Shockingly, the people He made however did not want to serve Him as king.

Many years ago, our ancestor, whose name was Adam and who served as our representative before God, rejected God and chose to live life as his own master. 

The consequences of this rebellion were serious. 

In fact, all of the problems we see in this world and experience in our own lives ultimately come from it. One of the most serious of them being that every single one of us comes into this world, God’s enemies. 

We are all born rebels, wanting to be our own king.

As a result, we all disobey God and our disobedience, like our ancestors, deserves God’s punishment. Though God is patient, He is also just, and being a just Judge, He must punish every instance of disobedience. This includes ours. God has established a day on which all men will stand before Him and be evaluated and judged for the way they lived their lives.  

This is frightening news.

But there’s more to the message of the Bible than judgment.  Because God is love, He has provided a means of escape from this judgment, which He reveals to us in His Word, and especially in the gospel it contains.

In the Old Testament, God gets us ready to understand what His Son Jesus will do by making promises through men who spoke for Him and by raising up a particular people whose laws and rituals and priests and sacrifices point us forward to the great rescue God is planning in Jesus.

And at just the right time, when all hope seems lost, God fulfills the promises He made and sends His Son into the world. He takes on human nature.  His name is Jesus. And in this man Jesus, the fullness of God dwells bodily. As we read the gospels, we are reading the story of how the eternal Son of God took on human nature for the purpose of providing us a means of salvation. He does this by living a perfect life and dying a death He doesn’t deserve so that He might bear the punishment of those who repent of their sins and put their faith Him. Three days after He is crucified, He rises from the dead, proving that God the Father has accepted His sacrifice. Shortly, after appearing to His followers, He ascends into Heaven, and sits at the Father’s right hand, sending the Holy Spirit to His people as the down payment and guarantee of the ultimate gift He has purchased for them, an eternity of joy in the presence of God Himself, which His followers will experience fully in a new heavens and a new earth, where He will rule visibly once again as a King so that His people will live forever in a place of perfect righteousness.   

God promises that this same Jesus will return to deliver His people and to judge those who stubbornly refuse to submit to His rule.  The humble Savior will return to this earth as conquering King. And only those who repent of their sins and put their faith in Him will escape God’s wrath and experience the joy of living in God’s special presence forever. Therefore, before it is too late, men and women must stop living as if they were their own king, and ask God to forgive them for their rebellion, trusting not in their own efforts but instead in the One and only Savior He has provided, by grabbing hold of the promises of mercy that God shares in the gospel with both hands, and seeking to live their lives in submission to His rule.

We as a church exist to proclaim this great message and to call on all men everywhere to respond obediently to this news by confessing that Jesus is Lord and believing that God raised Him from the dead so they can be saved.

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