They will stare you in the face…

Sometimes people minimize the seriousness of their sins by imagining that God doesn’t really notice what they are doing or that He won’t remember.

This is madness.

When it comes time for judgment, God won’t miss any sinner. He won’t overlook any sin. And He won’t compromise any judgment. Every sin that every sinner has committed must be punished and it must be punished exactly as it deserves. God loves His glory too much to overlook sin. He is too holy not to hate it. He is too serious about His role as King not to punish sin. And He is too honest not to deal with sin exactly the way He said He would.

Just because you can’t remember your sins doesn’t mean God won’t. Just because you don’t take the bad things you have done seriously doesn’t mean God won’t.

As Jonathan Edwards once wrote,

“How can you be so unreasonable as to imagine that the Great Jehovah will have so little regard to His own majesty and authority that He could see you continuing in such daring contempt of him without executing his wrath upon you? Do you think He has no regard to it when he sees his commands and threatenings so despised or that He stands and looks on without being provoked by it?

How dreadful that fire is which is kindled in His anger by your iniquity and how fearfully He will one day vindicate His majesty and get Himself honor and a great name by His vengeance upon such rebels. You may be assured that God takes good notice of it. No matter how you try to hide your sins, though they be hidden from the eyes of men and are taken little notice of by them, God will remember them.

It would be an easier thing to put out the sun and stars than to blot out God’s remembrance of your sins or alter his purpose of punishing fully every one of them. There is a day coming when those iniquities of yours will find you out and when they shall all stand in order before your eyes. They will stare you in the face and shall be made public before men and angels by the sentence of the judge upon you for them and open revenges of your angry judge unless you escape God’s wrath through timely repentance.”

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