It takes a village…

We recently had a sweet visit with a pastor from one of our supporting churches in the United States.

I am so grateful when supporters are able to make it to South Africa to get a first hand taste of the ministry here, because, no matter how well you try to explain what God’s doing, there’s just something about seeing it with your own eyes.

One of the things this pastor mentioned was how obvious it was that we weren’t ministering alone. Meaning, when we share about what God’s doing, it might be easy to think that it’s Josh and Marda who are just going around doing all this work, without realizing, how many other people are involved.

And that’s the truth. There’s a lot happening here. And one way God’s enabled it to happen is through local churches who were willing to support individuals who have come alongside and played a supporting role in our church planting efforts.

All of this to say, I really resonate with how this author has put it in an article entitled “In Defense of Second Class Missionaries.” You might want to read it!

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