Unrepentant Sinners Beware!

If you are sinning and you aren’t repenting and working on changing, you are in a very scary place.

Please hear what I am saying.

I know some of you are sinning and you are fighting and I want to encourage you to keep fighting. You have acknowledged you are struggling and you have asked for help. We thank God for your humility, for your honesty. God is at work in your life! But I am afraid there might be some of you who aren’t, who are playing with sin, who are pretending, saying the right words, without any real desire to wage war against sin.

This is so, so foolish!

And it’s foolish not just because sin is wrong, but also because sin is very, very bad, for you.

Sin’s a terrible tyrant.

In fact, it is the worst master in the world.

When you live in unrepentant sin, “You, to your shame and disgrace, are servant to the filth of creation, which is too filthy to be allowed in it, and therefore at last shall be cast out of it and burnt in unquenchable fire. You serve the master who is the very loathing and stink of the universe…”

Serving sin is the most humiliating service in the world.

“To serve sin is to become a fool and divest one’s self of reason and understanding and act more filthily than brute beasts.”

Sin deals with its servants more cruelly than any other master in the world.

“Sin makes all his servants labor till they are blind and mad, till they are not able to see whereabouts they are, and then leads them away to their own destruction…the work he sets you about is to whet the knife whereby your own throat is to be cut, to sharpen and poison arrow that are to be thrust in your own hearts, to make a fire for yourself to be burnt in.”

Sin pays the worst payment for the service it requires than other other master in the world.

“After you have spent your life and your soul in this slavery, after you have been vexed by the fears of death and been scorched by your conscience, and rotted in sin’s prison and Satan’s chains, all the wages you shall have for your pains is nothing but one of the chiefest – that is one of the deepest and hottest – places in the lake of fire and brimstone.”

Please listen.

I love you and I don’t want you to experience that. And, I praise God! You don’t have to. Jesus came to save sinners. But He only saves sinners who humble themselves and repent. And one proof you have repented of sin is that you stop hiding it, you confess it, and you actually start fighting it with everything you’ve got.

Is there something you need to confess? Is there a sin you need help with?

Don’t wait.

What tangible steps will you take toward spiritual freedom today?

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